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Corporate Sponsors

The Heat would like to recognize the following corporate sponsors and thank them for their continued support of Houston Heat Baseball


Parent/Player Contract

ALL players and their parents/family are required to abide by the  following policies set forth by Houston Heat Select Baseball.  

1) PLAYING FOR OTHER TEAMS - No player may play for another Select/Elite/Premier  or similar team during the season once they are on a current roster for the Houston  Heat, unless they obtain written permission and all team fees are paid in full.  

a. No player is allowed to miss one of the Houston Heat’s scheduled tournaments for the sole purpose of playing with another team. If their Heat team does not  have a scheduled tournament on a weekend during the season, they must fill  out the Heat’s release form in its entirety and submit it (to Bear Bay, Head of  Operations, at least 5 days prior to the tournament  they are requesting to play in. Official permission is not granted until it is signed  by Bear Bay and emailed back to the player/parent.  

b. A player is considered to be on a current roster once this contract is signed and  his initial fee is paid. 

c. If a player is caught playing for another team without written consent (signed  Heat release form), a suspension may occur and are required to pay all  

remaining fees (regardless if they decide to leave the Heat organization before  mid-season). 

2) PARENT SPORTSMANSHIP - Every parent and relative of each player on a Heat team  is expected to behave according to the tournament’s rules and demonstrate  sportsmanship during all team events – this includes to coaches, officials, other  players/parents on the Heat team and the opposing team. Ongoing problems with  parents and relatives behaving in a negative manner will result in removal of their  player from the team without any money refunded. 

a. This includes on and off the field at tournament locations, practices, team  dinners, at hotels during travel tournaments, etc.  

b. Parents/guardians are also expected to keep the behavior appropriate for any  supporter they have invited to watch their player.  

3) PLAYER SPORTSMANSHIP - The player will show respect for coaches, teammates,  officials, opponents, and parents at all times. Foul language will not be tolerated.  Players may receive game suspensions and/or dismissal from the team for breaching  behavior expectations. Game suspensions and/or dismissals will be determined by the  Head Coach along with Head of Operations, Bear Bay. If the Head of Operations (along  with the Board) determine behavior (within or outside the club) to be detrimental to  the organization, then they reserve the right to suspend and/or dismiss the player  from the team with the remaining fees to be paid in full.  

4) CONFLICT RESOLUTION - Issues that are related to baseball decisions made by the  coaching staff must be presented to the head coach only. Conversations outside of the  field of play with other families are not productive, nor will they be tolerated.  

a. If a resolution cannot be found between the player/parent and the head coach,  then it will be taken to Bear Bay, Head of Operations. 

b. Parents/guardians will not interfere with a coach or a player immediately  before, during, or immediately following a game. Once pre-game starts to post game comments, the player is part of the Houston Heat team. Parents are  encouraged to communicate with coaches in a professional, polite manner and  at convenient times established by the coach after an event is over. 

5) TEAM FEES/PAYMENT - Team fees are mandatory to cover the costs of a travel  baseball team. It is mandatory that each family of the player pay their team fees by the  deadline set forth at the beginning of each season. Failure to comply with this may  result in removal from the organization without any money refunded. 

a. The Houston Heat does offer payment plan options, but regardless of paying in  full at the start of the season or using the payment plan, ALL fees must be paid  by the deadline, which is attached to the end of this contract. 

b. If the player chooses to remove himself from the team more than halfway  through the season, he and his family will be responsible for paying the  remaining balance of team fees. If a player decides to leave prior to half way through a 50% refund can be given at the discretion of the Houston Heat Baseball organization. 

6) PLAYING TIME - The Houston Heat is a Premier baseball club. Emphasis is on  developing players and winning games. The Head Coach will decide on playing time  and what positions players will play. Parents will have no decision making on these  matters, however, the door is always open to discuss these matters with the Head  Coach. Our coaches have been instructed to put players in positions in games where  they can be successful. Remember, you are a member of the Houston Heat and you  must compete for playing time; nobody is guaranteed playing time. Understand that  substitution rules for baseball are different than any other sport and can limit a coach’s  ability to substitute freely.  

7) TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS - Parent/guardians are responsible for all travel  arrangements and hotel accommodations during the season. The Houston Heat will aid  when possible with both of these situations.  

a. Many tournaments require our players to stay in hotels which they are in  contract with. This information will be provided in advance to be sure those  specific accommodations are made. (Perfect Game, Premier World Series)